Houston 2020 Visions

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Request for Visions Submission Requirements

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1. Each entry should feature a Vision for Resiliency in one or more of the scaled categories of S,M, L, XL.

2. The first page should feature a text statement of no more than 250 words describing the vision concept and intent.

3. Entries should be visual and graphic in presentation and communicate the vision with clarity.

4. Maps, plans, elevations, renderings, animations, videos and models are some of the recommended elements for successful entries. *Be sure to note graphic scale on all drawings and North arrow on all plans.

5. Videos and animations should be posted on a file or content sharing site (i.e. Drop Box, Vimeo) and linked from within your pdf submission.  The video should stream online without being downloaded. If a password is required, it should be posted clearly in the pdf submission.

6. If items such as models and publications are available, please describe these in your submissions and include photos.

7. Be sure to highlight opportunities for interactive community programs such as tours and workshops that could be coordinated in conjunction with the exhibit.

8. This exhibit will be hosted in multiple cities. While visions specific to Houston are encouraged, entries that are adaptable or address resiliency beyond our region are welcome.

9. Assemble your competition entry as a single pdf document with no more than 10 pages and no larger than 10MB. Pages should be horizontally formatted. Entries will be viewed electronically on an HD television screen as well as printed out on 8.5” x 11” paper for each jury member.
*Multiple images and text are allowed on each page. Graphic and concept clarity are the responsibility of the entrant.

10. The competition entry must be anonymous. No individual, firm or institution name should appear anywhere in the entry packet. These details should be recorded on the title form only. 

If you have any questions about assembling your competition entry or the instructions above, please contact rusty@aiahouston.org.

1. Fill out the Online Registration Form to obtain a unique Registrant ID# for each competition entry.

2. Save your competition entry as a single PDF document no larger than 10MB.The file should be saved as a pdf file named “registrantID#_entry”.

3. Download and complete the Title Entry Form for each competition entry. This form should be saved as a pdf file named “registrantID#_titleform”.
This should be saved and uploaded as a separate file. DO NOT INCLUDE THIS FORM IN YOUR ENTRY PDF FILE.

4. Sign in to aiahouston.org by clicking on the Login button on the top right of the website. If you are not an AIA Houston member, you can create a free login profile by following the Create Account prompts in the Login window.

5. Upload your files at the AIA Houston Document Upload Services site.

Houston 2020 Visions Timeline
This timeline will be updated with additional details as the project progresses.
August 2018: Request for Visions is announced
September 2018 - July 2019: Lecture series & community meetings in Houston
August 26, 2019: Call for Visions deadline
September 2019: Jury selection process
Fall 2019: Selected visions are announced and respondents notified.
April – July 2020: Exhibit at Architecture Center Houston