Kids + Architecture

Kids + Architecture, the educational arm of AIA Houston, is a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning that promotes creative problem-solving skills. This is done through a combination of community outreach activities and development of in-classroom curriculum for 6-8 grade students (long term goal K-12).

The Kids + Architecture Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month. If you would like more information or to join the committee please contact Kristina Sinclair at or Jennifer Ward at

AIA Houston

Summer Workshop 2020 - Call for Proposals

What led you to become an architect? Building a Lego set, drawing a castle and fortress, or constructing a cardboard house for your cat? We are looking for designers, architects and engineers to bring that creative thinking to inspire the next generation of makers.
The AIA Houston Kids + Architecture Committee is looking to host a series of 2-hour, hands-on workshops that are from the architect’s point of view using a wide variety of materials that spark the imagination. The workshops will take place Summer 2020 at Architecture Center Houston.
Proposals should challenge students to think outside of the box and create new feats of design and architecture. Architecture can have many solutions and we want to challenge kids to engage in creative problem solving to address design challenges.
Workshops should consist of a brief but fun lecture on the proposed topic, followed by the activity. The lecture could explore the history and future of the topic. We are not interested in kids recreating what they’ve seen, but rather exploring new ideas. Most of the students’ time should be spent building, creating and presenting.
Proposals should include:

  • Contact information – name, email, phone number
  • A brief workshop description (500-word max)
  • A “client” or “challenge”  – a need and/or want to be addressed
  • A list of materials. They don’t have to be typical, just affordable.
  • Proposals can come from a group of people or an individual.

Please be imaginative and unconventional with your topics. Whimsy (even silliness) is appreciated! Topics may include:

  • Animal Houses (bird, cat, dog, hamster, fish etc)
  • Living on Mars
  • Tree Houses
  • Creating a home from recycled materials
  • Designing a playground
  • A Floating House
  • Nomadic Structures
  • Nature inspired structures
  • Building a chair

Deadline: Friday, December 13, 2019
Send workshop proposals to Jennifer Ward at