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By Design

The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, University of Houston and Wonderworks present the Annual Summer Discovery Program in Architecture - an intensive, hands-on studio plus lectures and field trips June 10 –  July 12, 2019, 9am - 4pm, Monday – Friday at the University of Houston.

By Design is open to high school students of special promise and ability who will be entering grades 10, 11, or 12 next fall or who will have just graduated from high school this spring. Students admitted to the program must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4-point scale or its equivalent. Admission is competitive - Wonderworks requires at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average plus a high level of achievement in relevant core subjects. 

Tuition and fees (including supplies and field trips but not parking) are $1,000. Scholarships are available, but only for students demonstrating true financial need. Admissions are determined on a need-blind basis. No student will be prevented from participating in the program because of inability to pay tuition.

Classes are held at the University of Houston Central Campus, Monday – Friday, except July 4 and 5. This program is meant to be enjoyable, but it is also challenging and requires focused effort and commitment.

Watch a highlights video from the 2015 Summer Discovery By Design program here.

Apply by completing and returning the application form linked here.
Application deadline is May 3. Late Application Deadline is June 3 (subject to availability)

Visit the UH Wonderworks By Design website online here.

Architecture is an art for all to learn, because all are concerned with it.
John Runskin   Edinburgh Lectures, 1853

The architect and his brother the engineer are perhaps the most valuable citizens we have.
B.E .White   “A Letter from the West,” 1958

Architecture combines practical considerations of function and sustainability with a poetics of form and meaning. Although architecture may take years to master, those who study it in college have usually harbored an intense curiosity since at least their early teens. This introductory studio with accompanying lectures and field trips will give you a broader, deeper understanding of the subject and also the opportunity to develop a portfolio for use in applying to schools of architecture should you eventually wish to do so.

The program presupposes no prior knowledge of architecture, simply a visual awareness and willingness to learn. You’ll travel back in time to some of the most interesting build-ings ever and also make the acquaintance of some of the most accomplished architects of all time as well as today. You’ll visit some of the most extraordinary buildings and places in Texas, while also developing an appreciation for the architecture of the everyday land-scape. Best of all, whether you decide to pursue architecture in college or not, you’ll gain a lifelong appreciation of the built world around you.

The morning session typically begins with a slide-illustrated lecture on some aspect of architectural practice, history or theory or a case study of a building, given by a college faculty member or experienced practitioner. The rest of the day is devoted to the design of small buildings such as a food stand, studio house, pre-kindergarten learning center, café, bookstore, and other buildings of similar scale. Students work through two such projects of several weeks duration using a variety of techniques – especially study models. No computer-aided drafting or modeling skills are expected or required. Fridays are reserved for field trips – two in-town trips to visit architects’ offices and buildings of special interest and two longer out-of-town trips (San Antonio-Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth-Waxahachie) which depart early in the morning and return late at night.