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TAC/Government Affairs Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month from 12:00 to 1:00 PM.

2020 Digital Trivia Night

Test your wits and knowledge against your colleagues across the state while making a meaningful contribution to the architectural profession. Join us as an individual or come as a team! Over the course of the event an experienced trivia host will live stream the event and 6 rounds of Trivia on Twitch.  Trivia rounds will include standard theme rounds (all subjects possible), a music round, and a video round.  Teams will talk to one another in private voice channels and engage with the whole room in a general lobby.  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 trivia scores and top 3 teams for total contributed to TAC.  Additional prizes will be randomly awarded to participants throughout the event.  

See rules below for registration and participation.

Registration will open soon.

7/31 – Last Day to sign up a Team
8/5 – 6:45 PM Event stream will go live.
8/5 – 7:00 to 9:00 PM Host will welcome the group, give the rules, Start the game, and announce the winners.


  1. Rules for Trivia scoring will be explained at the event.
  2. Prizes will be delivered to the top 3 teams, overall.  The top team from each Local Chapter and mixed-chapter-team will be declared. 
  3. You must be on a team to participate.  If you don’t have a team, then register as an individual and the event organizers will assign you to a team.
  4. Each participant must fill out a team member form.  If you already have a team, then your team captain should submit your form.
  5. Additional team members can be added any time by submitting an additional team member form.  Team captains shall submit the forms for additional team members.
  6. Each team must be captained by a TxA Member or an employee at a firm that employs TxA members. 
  7. Teams may have a maximum of fifteen (15) members
  8. Each team must have a minimum of five (5) AIA-Texas (TxA) members on team to register and participate as a team.  This means Texas is listed as their State Chapter under their AIA membership.  If a team member is not a TxA member, then that team member shall be registered as a non-TxA team member.
  9. All TxA member participants must contribute a minimum of $20 to TAC.  All non-TxA member participants must contribute a minimum of $20 to the non-profit organization selected by the event organizers.
  10. Team Captains agree to a goal for their team to contribute a minimum of $200 to TAC.   
  11. All contributions should be made prior to the start of the Trivia Event.
  12. Corporate contributions do not count as a TAC contribution and will not be accepted. 
  13. TAC contributions can only be made by TxA members: a) TAC Contributions can be made online at https://texasarchitects.org/texas-architects-committee; b) Write Trivia in the memo line
  14. Contributions from non-TxA members will go to the non-profit organization selected by the event organizers

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