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Design-Make Residency

Residency Summary

The AIA Houston Young Architect’s Forum Design‐Make Residency is an innovative program that bridges the gap between theoretical design and physical production. Throughout the program cycle, residents will develop their selected project and area of study, culminating in the production of object(s) to be displayed at Architecture Center Houston. The program provides support for up to 3 residents annually in the form of workshop space and access to tools (via TxRx Labs,, and connection to other resources such as materials and mentors.

This program is developed and managed by the Young Architects Forum of the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 YAF Design Make Residency - Paul Kweton, AIA, Ami Patel, Assoc. AIA and Hidekazu Takahashi, AIA!

The group will use the residency to complete their project "The Moebius Strip - The Whole and its Parts: Considering Parametric Modularity as a Design Recipe​."

Project Description:

How does form inform functionality / program / (human) behavior? To what extent does ‘pure’ form, parametrically generated based on mathematical algorithms, inform / effect (human) behavior? How does legibility of modularity change with scale and do we need to see / experience / engage with the whole to understand its parts and vice versa?

The investigation and delivery of a design (module) comprised of perpetual modularity, material efficiency and certain scale in conjunction with its effect on space and (human) behavior form the core thesis and research topic of this residency. The Moebius strip and parametric modularity define our morphological framework for our physical form exploration.

About 2018 Design-Make Residents:

​Paul Kweton, AIA

Paul Kweton is an Austrian architect and designer who has been living and working in Houston, Texas for the past 11 years. Before coming to the United States, he received his Bachelors and Masters of Science in Architecture and Urban Planning with honors from the University of Technology in Vienna. In 2008 he graduated with a Master of Architecture from Rice University receiving the Darden Award for outstanding thesis work. He is currently lead designer at DLR_Group in Houston, Texas with over 10 years of combined working experience as a designer and project architect. He also worked part-time as Digital Media Assistant at Rice University and is currently Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston teaching ARCH5500 Studio in the spring and ARCH6603 studio in the fall semester.
Since 2003, parallel to his professional and academic career, Paul has been running a ‘thinktank’ named Studio PAULBAUT with focus on small commercial architecture, interior installations, furniture design, and accessory designs. His work has been published in printed media and online worldwide. Selected works have been on show in Vienna, Austria and Houston, Texas.

His professional architectural and industrial design accomplishments include local, state and international design awards.


Ami Patel, Assoc. AIA

Ami Patel is an emerging young professional who has recently graduated from the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston. Originally from Sabine Pass, TX, she moved to Houston to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture. Ami’s architectural interests stemmed from an appreciation of architectural ideation and research and believes the discipline of architecture can be applied to any parameter. Aside from its discipline, Ami believes that the fabric of architecture not only relies in buildings, but rather how it is perceived, no matter the content. Ami hopes the YAF DesignMake Residency will strengthen her knowledge of applying theoretical design to production. Ami plans to attain an architectural license and is currently employed at PBK Architects.


Hidekazu Takahashi, AIA

Hidekazu Takahashi is a project architect at Huitt-Zollars, Inc. Before coming to the US, he earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Engineering Science majoring structural engineering at University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan and worked for a construction company as a construction manager for several years. 

After receiving a Master of Architecture Degree from Texas A&M University, he joined Huitt- Zollars (formerly known as Morris Architects) and has worked on a diverse range of projects in the role as a project designer and project architect. Hidekazu worked on the Houston Pavilion for 8th Int’l Garden Expo in Chongqing, China using a parametric design approach, which received a 2012 AIA Houston Design Award. 

He embraces the ideas of Parametricism, especially its versatility and dynamism as a design method. As a licensed architect both in Japan and the United States, he is also interested in the different design approaches between the two countries in regards to spaces, its materiality as well as construction details.


2017 Design-Make Residents


Danny Rigg’s area of exploration for the Design-Make Residency Program is to focus on sustainable garden design and local food production for residential sites. Modular garden components, automated systems, including sensors and remote monitoring, will be part of his study. Given many surrounding areas best suited for food production are being lost to develop low density housing, investigating new prototypes for urban and suburban garden design has great importance for our sustainable future.

Learn more about Danny's experience as a Design-Make resident!

Smart Garden by Danny Rigg



Nathan Vice began the 2017 AIA Houston Design/Make Residency with an interest in reciprocal structures and parquet floors. Nathan built numerous artifacts with the patterns and tectonics of these architectural features. Ultimately Nathan used the residency to design and build a lamella pavillion. The fabrication of this structure was challenging and extremely rewarding.  Nathan considers it to be a major achievement in his young career.

Pagoda by Nathan Vice