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AIA Houston Staff

AIA Houston strives to offer the best service, support, and events to our members. We invite you to contact us with your feedback to make sure we are maintaining the high standards you expect.

Staff Profiles

Rusty  Bienvenue

Rusty Bienvenue

Executive Director
713 407 7849

Jennifer  Ward

Jennifer Ward

Associate Director
713 407 7847

Rhonda  Lowe

Rhonda Lowe

CE & Professional Development Coordinator
713 407 7768

Aleks  Savitski

Aleks Savitski

Director of Development & Member Services
713 623 7959

Debby  Joiner

Debby Joiner

ArCH Operations Coordinator
713 407 7850

Alex  Thrift

Alex Thrift

Designer / Platform Manager
713 623 7947