Michael G. Meyers Design Competition

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The Michael G. Meyers Design & Scholarship Competition is an annual event sponsored by Architecture Center Houston Foundation, AIA Houston, and local architecture firms and affliates. This is an idea competition with an emphasis on creative problem solving and graphic presentation.

This year, MGMC will be fully online, and is open to all Houston area high school students. Students may work as individuals or in groups.

This is an ideas competition with an emphasis on creative problem solving and graphic presentation. To guide students through the design process, the MGMC Committee will host a series of events to help students learn basic architectural drawing skills, understand the competition requirements and meet their client. Competitors and teachers will be able to access four events through a digital platform.

1. At the Student and Teacher Workshop students will get a unique opportunity to interact and learn from the architects and designers currently practicing in the Houston area.

2. During the Project Site Tour, they will have a virtual visit to the site to get familiar with the neighborhoods surrounding the project competition site. The Site Tour allows them to understand how to incorporate their design into the surrounding environment, and to see the area from another perspective.

3. At the Interim Review students will get valuable feedback from professionals.

4. The Final Award Ceremony is for students, teachers and parents to celebrate and recognize the competition winners. Scholarships will be presented by the ArCH Board President.

The competition takes place from January-May 2021, on three Saturdays throughout the year. This year’s challenge will be announced at the Student and Teacher Workshop in January.

In the past students have been asked to design a variety of dynamic and challenging projects, including an education center with a focus on sustainable efforts and practices, a multi-purpose building for Houston’s Third Ward, a soccer stadium, a museum, and others.

All Houston area high school students are eligible to participate regardless of class affiliation or age.Teachers and Counselors are encouraged to promote this scholarship competition. 

2020 Winning entries can be seen here.


For more information about the MGMC Design Competition contact Ignacio Perezanta, AIA at ignacio.perezanta@edi-international.com