Historic Resources

This committee meets the second Wednesday of the month via Zoom. Please contact rhonda@aiahouston.org if you are interested in joining.

Oral History Project

The Oral History Project is the result of a partnership between the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library at the University of Houston and the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It includes the oral histories of people who strongly impacted the built environment in the Houston Area. Architects, developers, scholars and philanthropists discuss their work, projects, and the influences that shaped Houston. Each subject is interviewed by an architect or architectural scholar who frames the discussion and provides context. The collection of oral histories is ongoing. New content will be added regularly to accommodate new subjects.


View & download the pdf transcripts here.

See a complete listing of this project's audio files.

Appel, Natalye  •  Aubry, Eugene  •  Authors of the Houston Architectural Guide  •  Brochstein, Raymond  •  Cannady, William T.  •  Casbarian, John  •  Colaco, Joe  •  Davidson, Leslie Barry  •  Elkins, Leslie K.  •  Evans, Elinor  •  Falick, James  • Furr, James E. • Henry, Mary Lou  •  Hines, Gerald  •  Kollaer, Jim C.  •  Lloyd, Hermon  •  Mashburn, Joseph  •  McGinty, Milton  •  Moore, Barry  •  Moorhead, Gerald  •  Nunn, Stayton and Ila  •  Paukune, John  •  Payne, Richard W.  •  Phillips Jr., W Irving  •  Robinson, David • Samuels, Danny  •  Shoemake, Carrie Glassman  • Smith, Terry • Staub, John F.  •  Taylor, Wilbert O. • Thomas, James B.  •  Thomsen, Charles  •  Todd, Anderson  •  Walker, James S.  •  Zemanek, John